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3 Top Career Options To Pursue After Completing Your Fashion Design Course

Actions surely speak louder than words, but if there’s one thing that speaks even louder than action, it is fashion! Fashion is not just about what one wears but also about how one style it and what that style says about his/her personality. This is one of the biggest reasons why more and more millennials today are opting for a degree in fashion designing courses in Mumbai, Delhi, or other cities. A well-developed course not only teaches you the art and science of designing but also helps you practice the same while learning. 

One such course, which has become popular today, is a full-time 3-year B.Des in Fashion Design which is so holistically crafted that besides learning the basics, you will also be able to choose the right career path after your graduation. However, if you’re still dithering whether to go for a fashion designing course in Mumbai or not or still wondering if this course will yield a good career, then rest assured. There are plenty of career opportunities open for fashion design graduates.Some of which are: 

1. Fashion Designer

After pursuing a degree in one of the best fashion designing courses in Mumbai, you can become a fashion designer like the top-earning ones in Bollywood. Fashion designing usually involves researching the latest trends, finding out what your customers want, competition mapping, sketch designing of your ideas, finding the right fabrics, choosing the right colours and patterns, etc. Additionally, having knowledge of organising events and exhibitions, good communication, and networking skills are essential in this job. 

2. Visual Merchandiser
You might have often come across product displays in malls or on your favourite fashion websites which make you feel mesmerising. Well, all due credits go to the visual merchandiser who must have set it up. As part of visual merchandising, you put your design skills to best use by creating product displays and managing store layouts in a way that they are eye-pleasing and easy to navigate through. In short, the main motto of a visual merchandiser is to enhance the image and promote the products and services of the respective brand or retail business he/she is working for. 

3. Jewellery Designer 

Designing jewellery is one of the human civilisation’s earliest forms of creation and decoration and it has now evolved into a well-known profession. A good fashion designing course in Mumbai can also help you develop the right skills and knowledge required for becoming a successful jewellery designer. Jewellery designing involves studying about the types of stones and metals, researching the latest trends and what intrigues your customers, sketching your ideas into clear,replicable designs, creativity, the power of marketing your designs, etc. 

All in all, there are a plethora of career opportunities that await you after you complete your graduation in B.Des  Fashion Design. Besides the options mentioned above, you can also become a fashion stylist, a blogger, a personal shopper, a retail manager, a textile designer, a footwear designer, a consultant, etc. Further, you can work both in the capacity of an independent freelancer or a full-time employee in an organisation.


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