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3 Reasons Why B.Des. In Interior Design Is TheBest Choice For Budding Interior Designers

For fresh-out-of-school youngsters exploring a career in interior design, there are many options to choose from - interior designing courses in Mumbai and other metros range from 3-month certificate courses to 3-year B.Des. degrees. Between these two ends of the spectrum, you have any number of diplomas and niche certificate courses as well. Each course or programme has its own set of pros and cons, but we strongly recommend a complete 3-year Bachelor’s degree for youngsters stepping into this industry for the first time. Why? Read on to find out -   

1. It is a comprehensive and immersive way to learn about the field

As a newcomer in the field of interior design,you will need an education that encompasses everything - from the core fundamentals of the industry to professional portfolios. The vastness of the field requires in-depth courses that acquaint you with the theory while at the same time building and honing your practical skills. If you are wondering how this detailed information will filter through a zoom call then rest assured Mumbai colleges have a tested system of eLearning which ensures students understand via live calls and pre-recorded videos. The classes are supported with personal one-on-one time with the instructors as well.

2. It will make you job-ready

For a newbie interior designer, an instructor-led, structured and recognized degree from a respected interior designing college in Mumbaior an urban centrewould boost career opportunities.In fact, some of the best Mumbai based interior designing courses also provide its students with job placements and internship opportunities.    

3. It’s a degree!

And finally, a B.Des. in interior design is a government-approved degree that comes with its own reputation. It signals to the world and future employers that you are qualified AND serious about your profession. We don’t know how long Covid-19 restrictions will last, but that shouldn’t stop you from starting your educational journey. With online classes, interior design basics and more can be easily explained and will give you a leg up when in-person classes reopen.

Our Advice: If you are able to take out time and have the resources then make B.Des. in interior design, your first choice for learning about the industry. Yes, it is a 3-year course, and yes, it might be more expensive, but in the long run, you will gain foundational knowledge that will make your lifelong professional journey stable and strong.


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