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Is interior designing a good career?

A job in Interior designing is one of the most lucrative career choices in India. With zillions of opportunities sprouting each day in the market, there is a constant requirement for a skilful and professional interior designer.

Interior Designer

In simplistic terms, an interior designer is a person who designs the interior of people’s houses. But the job doesn’t end there. An interior designer does not simply design something very artistic to be done with a house, but he/she strikes the right balance between convenience and beauty for their customers. They take into account all furnishings that necessarily have to be present in the house, and how best to lay them out in an empty flat to make it a lively home that is pleasing to the eyes!

What this means is that an interior designer has to make the best out of whatever space he/she is given while keeping in mind things such as how much sunlight/fresh air comes into the room, what arrangement would mean most comfort for the customer and what will be the most pretty (as per the customer’s taste!).

Overview of Interior designing careers

Depending upon the purpose for which he/she is hired, an interior designer may be involved right from the time of designing the blueprint for the building, or only after the building has been completed. Interior Designers are expected to have a little knowledge of architecture for the former purpose.

  • The designer considers the purpose of the space or room and what furnishings will be required and what is unnecessary;
  • If they’re involved from the start, they plan the placement of windows, doors and built-in furniture such as bookshelves;
  • They consider aspects such as natural light and fresh air available in the room;
  • They decide color schemes as well as the type and amount of furniture;
  • Some designers specialize in particular rooms (such as bathrooms/kitchens, etc) or in particular styles (such as feng shui, eco-friendly designs, etc)
  • In all of the above, the designer has to adhere to the customer’s likings and budget. The designer can only advise and optimize.

Well, an interior designer is supposed to have knowledge of architecture, color schemes, materials used in making the interiors, their cost and where to get them, and what styles are trending. He/she doesn’t impose this knowledge on the customer but tries to see what’s best for the customer’s taste. The customer is supreme in this profession, and only those interior designers will prosper who are able to satisfy their customers the most. For this reason, interior designers have to be able communicators. They should understand the customer’s taste.

Further, they should be able to convince the customer to select the most appropriate design. Of course, this doesn’t mean the designer doesn’t have room to be creative. The designer must show originality and creativity by blending different styles together to build a perfect home for the customer! After all, everyone wants their home to be unique!


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