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What is a Product Design Course and what will I learn in it?

You might have heard a lot of buzz around product designing – from friends, in the media and from online sources. And with good reason! It is a field that impacts and touches us every day of our lives in many ways – from a toothbrush and toys to phones, and kitchen utensils – everything we see, touch and use has been designed by a product designer.

A product design course in Mumbai is absolutely critical to succeed in this field. As the scope of product design is very vast, a good product design programme ensures that students are given the skills to manage some of the essential tools or software needed and have the ability to channel their creative ideas into a physical form.

What can you learn at product design course in Mumbai?

  1. Theory of design – The students are given a thorough grounding in the various types of product design trends that have been successful over the past decades. Design concepts and an understanding of ergonomics are also taught as academic subjects.
  2. Understanding Material and Manufacturing Processes - To make a design come to life, students also need to know how they will be formed with different materials and how to produce them.
  3. Research, Design and Development – Students will be taught to carry out consumer research and use that to design a product.
  4. Learning to use the appropriate Software - Mastering the industry standard 3D drawing software is a must for making true-to-scale drawings and mock-ups of the idea.
  5. Application in different sectors - Students will also be taught how to work for diverse types of clients – from toy manufacturers to package design and electronic home appliances – using their creativity to make usable, yet beautiful products for widely different clients is a key teaching of a product design course.
It is an enormously interesting field! For a talented budding designer, a career in product design holds immense scope. And it all starts with a good product design course provided by Cartier Global Academy!



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